John Sepulveres



School Supply List for the iPhone

School supply shopping for students and teachers made easy!

Enter each student into the School Supply List app, choose items from the database of over 150 items or add your own. Choose or add store preference for each item as well as important notes you may need while shopping and organizing supplies. With the School Supply List app, your list is always with you and will help you take advantage of the best back-to-school deals around!

  • Create individual list for unlimited number of students
  • Combine lists for easier shopping
  • Track quantities needed and purchased
  • Make notes for each item, which will appear on the shopping list
  • Easily change quantity, store and note details for each item
  • Update quantity while on list screen as you buy
  • Sort list by items / store
  • General Comments list to organize overall info related to school supply needs.
  • Use the app during school year to replenish / get additional items needed. With just a few finger taps, lists will stay current as the school year progresses.

Designed to aid students and teachers, the School Supply List application is efficient and easy to use! Let the comprehensive database do most of the work for you!