John Sepulveres



Shop4Dance for the iPhone

Shop4Dance app helps dancers SHOP and ORGANIZE supplies for a new dance season, competitions, and performances all year long! Easy to use! The comprehensive built-in databases do most of the work for you!

  • Create an individual list for an unlimited number of dancers
  • Create list by dancer or even performance routines to help organize items
  • Database of over 130 items in 7 categories – or you can add your own!
  • Choose brand, size, color, and shade for each item using preset databases – or you can add your own!
  • Make specific notes about each item, which appear on the main list
  • Organize the list to show all items or only the items still needed
  • Use General Comments for important notes and reminders!
  • Use the app throughout the year to replenish items and for additional items that may be needed. With just a few finger taps, your list will always be current.

The Shop4Dance app is one of a kind! This awesome app will keep all of you dancers on your toes and ready to dazzle!