iPhone Applications



School Supply List

School supply shopping for students and teachers made easy!

Enter each student into the School Supply List app, choose items from the database of over 150 items or add your own. Choose or add store preference for each item as well as important notes you may need while shopping and organizing supplies. With the School Supply List app, your list is always with you and will help you take advantage of the best back-to-school deals around!




The Shop4Dance app helps dancers shop and organizes supplies for a new dance season, competitions, and performances all year long! It’s easy to use, set-up, and/or modify! Let the comprehensive database do most of the work for you!




Think guessing 5 letter words is easy? Guess again!

WORDZY is a puzzle game in which the player solves a 5-letter word with letter clues. The first letter of a mystery word is provided, and then word guesses are color coded to help the player solve the puzzle. The faster the word is solved, the higher the point values. Bonus letters give a little help or can boost total scores.

Great fun for the whole family to expand vocabulary and spelling skills!